Mist Mix

Just a quick note. Mist posted a new mix and I have to say I admire anyone who throws in a little Pantera just for good measure. Good stuff. You can get it, along with some of Dylan and Klaptons stuff, Here
at the Mistical Productions site. Looks like they're movin' on up.


Fine Monday

7 and 8 have arrived. Monday. FTR Prof. Swann's class is the best one I have this semester.

Halt for 7 and 8

Sunday BluesEvery weekend I stay up until the next day. Sunday comes, Monday is next. I hate 8. It means 7. 7 is unatural to me. Clock rolls by. 7 and 8 are waiting. I can't blow off my classes. Attendance policy? It's a higher education for god's sake. Unfortunately I think it has much to do with capital and state funding. Probably some record somewhere proving that we actually sit in the classrooms. 2 of the classes tomorrow are by the book loosely translating into "what am I doing sitting here when I could have slept till noon and read the book anyway?". Seriously. It's a waste of my time to have a bona fide educator who's getting paid just fine to hold story time at 8 in the morning. What a drag. Oh well.



Relative fish. Nothing gains momentum until it does. The Sasquatch lives in my basement. People who sit by fires and catch their shoes aflame. The machine is too loud. Freeware is relative to hassle. Soft spoken priests and cacaphonous clowns dancing in the fountains of Avalon. Just a minute, I've got another call. Wan' Get high and go to the Cosmic Cafe, it's Friday. Circus music and dancing widgets. ........ A promise to myself to do something about this ever building list of anecdotes covering the past month or so of my life. I believe that the cosmos have granted me the life of an odd number.