The Things

This project has been so ongoing that it's cemented into my psyche as a base record of other events. The super psychedelic DIY mind melt project. It seems there's a resistance though, even still, to 'home made' art.

I was asked to do a live painting and was tempted to say yes. A live painting utilizing the things could prove to be a wonderful experiment. Interactive art can be a gamble based on audience vs. participant.

Spring Notes: Red Clover

Rained today, scarce sun. Stormed briefly around 3p with a good downpour, little wind, lightning in proximity.   

Birds are pleased with recent developments and perching the edge again. A noticeable increase in butterflies and dragonflies. Spotted a bat in the direct front yard / top field. Neighborhood canines and felines continue to visit. House Canine is using pathways now.

Red Clover everywhere. Bees have not re-established water meter hive. 

Driveway: Continues to be a problem and only re-emphasizes need to re-construct vehicle / main path. 

Top Field: Raked Mimosa head again. Steam pile out, left it be. Radishes around shack excelling beyond other areas. Contour differences becoming more prominent visually.

Drive bed 02: sm basket dewberry flowers.  

Pole bed: raked back front half, collected large bundle cleavers. Purple Irises budding out.

Pod beds: Canine now brings ball back to bush as base instead of Hackberry tree. Pulled /clump grass. One new corn shoot. med basket of redbud flowers. New turkey tails. 

Backyard border: Wysteria has at least doubled since last year. Contacted winemaker.


Odds Ends

Spring notes : Canine bush

Cloudy all day, no rain.Muggy

upper field. Mowed/raked mimosa head, pin oak, chinaberry, and irises. Trimmed pin oak base. Continued steaming.  

pod garden: mowed out wider, placed bamboo sticks. Trimmed bush. Beans coming along nicely. Radish pods sprouting nicely. Planted giant sunflower, soybeans to radish pods. Planted morning glory center trunk.

Canine enjoys the space under the bush. It is quite cool down there.


Spring notes : Willy nilly db01

Early morning to 11 cloudy/misty 11 to 11 little cloud cover, warm after two days of rain and mist.

Collected Purple dead nettle, chickweed, dewberry, dandelions, and wysteria flowers.

Drive bed 01: raked and planted -soybeans, okra, giardia, fire color cosmos, radish blend, small sugar pumpkin, assorted sunflowers.

Drivebed 2,3: new sunflower sprouts.

Mowed out upper field edge again. Crab apple doing well, sprouts on shack doing well. Burning out pit / steaming.

This too shall pass.

It's surreal looking back at the past few months since this injury. Life just sort of up-ended all at once. The thumb is better and life goes on but I have heaps of catch-up work to be done.

Playing around

That's when I knew it. I'm tripping balls.



After a debacle with my truck I've managed to sit through half of a permaculture pdc course. Originally I was to go the full two weeks and receive the certificate but the clutch on the Ranger went kaput on the way. It took almost a week for the parts to arrive to fix it.  The teacher was nice enough to let me just hang out for the 2nd half and I'll be going the full course in the spring. That's life. Now it's wintering over in Texas until the course then it's off to Vermont to partner with a good friend and mentor. We're going to build a bad ass small demonstration farm/learning center along with helping a kind hearted woman fix up her inn. For the time being I think I'll build the best dog in the universe a super deluxe papercrete house here. Unfortunately he has to stay in Texas but I'll visit him from time to time on return winter trips.


Silly nardlers

The nardlers have come breathing heavy against the window in the shade of discontent. When the slovenly ones crept down the alley, she with her hump and he with his limp, the nardlers paced behind a smudge in the sludge. The nardlers have eyed from the bottom of the longest drink. Oblivion, sweet oblivion. There in the corner of the blind eye reason sits ignored. The nardlers have come to the dead hour of night in blind helpless rage whipping the shadows of isolation. Burst from this to be dead again. No sleep, only exhaustion. The nardlers have posessed the body with the constant craving. Feed, something, anything to distract. The nardlers dance across the screen grooming the child to build the walls. The baby likes the colors. Bathing in the bad blood the nardlers comfort the murderer. A pillow soft and coarse of thorns.

... and all the other things the nardlers do. 4am, couldn't sleep.