After a debacle with my truck I've managed to sit through half of a permaculture pdc course. Originally I was to go the full two weeks and receive the certificate but the clutch on the Ranger went kaput on the way. It took almost a week for the parts to arrive to fix it.  The teacher was nice enough to let me just hang out for the 2nd half and I'll be going the full course in the spring. That's life. Now it's wintering over in Texas until the course then it's off to Vermont to partner with a good friend and mentor. We're going to build a bad ass small demonstration farm/learning center along with helping a kind hearted woman fix up her inn. For the time being I think I'll build the best dog in the universe a super deluxe papercrete house here. Unfortunately he has to stay in Texas but I'll visit him from time to time on return winter trips.


Silly nardlers

The nardlers have come breathing heavy against the window in the shade of discontent. When the slovenly ones crept down the alley, she with her hump and he with his limp, the nardlers paced behind a smudge in the sludge. The nardlers have eyed from the bottom of the longest drink. Oblivion, sweet oblivion. There in the corner of the blind eye reason sits ignored. The nardlers have come to the dead hour of night in blind helpless rage whipping the shadows of isolation. Burst from this to be dead again. No sleep, only exhaustion. The nardlers have posessed the body with the constant craving. Feed, something, anything to distract. The nardlers dance across the screen grooming the child to build the walls. The baby likes the colors. Bathing in the bad blood the nardlers comfort the murderer. A pillow soft and coarse of thorns.

... and all the other things the nardlers do. 4am, couldn't sleep.


Scratch beard, scratch head, spout wisdom

Someone asked me recently for some wisdom on gardening. Ok:

1)Humor and irony are two underlying supports of our existance in the universe. If taken way too seriously your life as a gardener will be hell. Remember you're only one part of the ecosystem and not the master. When hail comes, the bugs eat up all the leaves, the perfect set-up just up and dies, and etc. just smile. You're getting somewhere and it isn't permanent. It's exciting to learn more :D

2). Everything dies. The onset of winter can be a bummer. Growth brings joy to the gardener. When the old cold winds start blowing in prepare yourself to feel a bit sad. This is also a great time to have a solid look at what the terrain looks like, plan something new, and find odd little plants that dgaf about winter.

3) Patience. You need it. Soils have to build and plants have to grow.  In the short term it's just waiting on that runner bean to make a runner or that passion flower to bloom. In the long term it's watching your garden space mature over several seasons. The world we live within is very old. You will not learn everything you want to in the short time you are here. Take care of the moment. You're getting there. 

4) Yes, nature is aware of your presence. Those birds really are watching you. Those plants really are reacting to your daily fiddling. The entire living organism you are a part of knows you are there. As a gardener you are a living and breathing piece of the puzzle. Even if you're not quite sure how you fit, rest assured, the other parts do know. Pay attention.

5) Not everyone cares about gardening. Those absolutely magical things you've been seeing might not make good party conversation (unless it's a gardeners party because we know how to party). Right now you'd love it if everyone could just teleport to the garden, chill, and see what you see. Sprouts! Worms! Dirt! Blooms! ... crickets? You're in a special club and you know something special that can only be gained by being a gardener. Smile and refer to 1,2,3, and especially 4. Your presence is important and needed. Somewhere someone much like you feels much like you do in that moment.

6) When you meet know it alls remember they don't know it all. They just might know more than you though and perhaps a nugget of knowledge can be gained. The other living and breathing pieces of the puzzle actually do question their know it all state when no one is looking. They've learned something and so can you. As the picture gets bigger we sure are learning, aren't we?   

disclaimer: I have mostly been a roaming fool and have no certifiable authority on the subject yet. One day I will obtain some letters and stuff.

This piece has already been plagiarized once by someone on another platform. They inserted their name as (x) Advice on gardening and in the disclaimer instead of 'I' inserted their name again. Well I suppose it is the internet and if you feel you must outright steal words then you aren't very creative nor wise. Your garden is going to eat you alive.



Humility and understanding

Self worship and constant comparison to others is a sign of a low self esteem. I love the people in my life who have shown me the difference between an honest self appraisal that nets true self confidence and an honest focus and what is spiritual bypassing through ego worship.  I do also love the people in my life who have chosen that latter path. I feel for them in that one day the wake up is coming. When the circle of self approval is gone a.k.a. enablers it might be a hard crash. Learn to love yourself in absolute honesty is my advice and warning. Hopefully that will happen or hopefully when you fall those with kind souls will be there to love you for who you truly are.

The Curse of the New Age Movement


Happy for ya

Lately a lot has been going on in the media about minimum wage workers striking for 15.00 an hour. The backlash from the professional community has been staggeringly ugly. "Get an education like me!!" seems to be the gist of their argument.

This is so undeniably egotistical and self centric. I thought college educated people were supposed to be more intelligent and have a better grasp of this world. So, are you actually just plain stupid?

There's no need to flesh this out. Anyone with half a brain could flesh this out and understand why such a self based statement would be erroneous.

So, congratulations! Happy for ya, idiots. 


A few years ago I participated for the 2nd time in the Cannabis Crusade march in Austin. I was befuddled by the seeming lack of turn out. I wondered why in a city like Austin not very many seemed to give a shit. What I was reminded of was Marley fest. See, here's the deal. Cops don't mess with people for smoking at Marley fest (not generally). The draw is obvious. But dude, we can smoke weed at that one.

I've also since come to be reminded of how volunteer organizations can turn into people politics nightmares. Suffice to say in every volunteer organization there exists the possibility of those seeking power. Why? I've never been sure because my own motivations in volunteering or standing up have always been for a greater good. This isn't always what motivates people in benevolent causes. Sometimes volunteer organizations can be hotbeds of  backtalk, power grabs, and just plain mean spiritedness and squabbling when things break down. Divide and conquer. I have no personal knowledge but little birds fly slightly north from time to time and I get a scoop in my hermit home in the boonies.

I also saw examples of this a few months ago in meeting up with some volunteers who are part of a larger cultural group that goes to the desert and burns shit once a year. We were helping to fix up some land and also helping to prepare for an upcoming regional. I've never been to the desert to burn shit. I've never been to the lil' campout where they burn shit. I'm a free agent and do my best to not claim any larger group identity. I hate those personality monikers greatly as they tend to devalue the core of a person in favor of a larger stereotype.

That said I got to watch a power struggle.   I learned just a little about how that reckless band of wiley radically self expressive peoples actually is quite regimented. I say a little because I pursued no further. I was supposed to go to the lil flashy lights and naked people campout to burn shit but the roof of my house had a cave in the 2nd volunteer weekend. I couldn't afford to go proper (I don't like going to anything with nothing but my * in my hands even though I'm sure it would be appreciated there.)

At present the contacts I made really aren't saying much to me. I suppose it has to do with a) I'm a 'hippie' (mostly because I'm not fond of guzzling whiskey). b) I got kind of buzzed and sent them all a message saying they reminded me of the garden club arguing over whether to have crumpets or biscuits but in profane words. This though made me new friends in the same community.I find this funny. Let's use the hippie as cannon fodder.

This is all said really in light jest because I have yet to get far south to the beach and meet up with some other people that go burn shit but also are doing (from what I read and see in pics) a tremendous job of working with, gasp, local authorities in adopting and doing a massive clean up of one of Texas' most prized beacheads. That impresses me. Throwing parties is easy. Getting people to do something greater isn't.

At any rate I have no idea why I wrote this entry except that I was reading over past posts and saw the one lamenting non involvement with the Cannabis Crusade. That's how it goes. I ramble sometimes and sometimes it might make sense.