I'm happy

My first attempt at making seed arrangement jars.Each one comes with a picture guide and handwritten instructions on planting and what seed is what. Come spring the jar can be emptied and planted. Then, fill the jar back up with one's own harvest of flower seeds. A gift that keeps giving!

This is the type of gift my friends/family get along with various tasty sundries and drinks.

The back garden symbolizes the end of one life phase and a movement towards another at this point. I always get bummed when the winter blows in and it all dies;however,like anyone who grows a garden(s) knows, it's also thrilling to be back at a blank 'canvas'.

Craftroom,moved part of the drying racks inside amongst my many other projects.

Jar O' Plenty:There's enough seeds in there to cover a small field and enough that the ratio of viable/non-viable will be just fine until this coming spring.

The flowers in the jar


Santa's Got a Big Gun

The holiday season brought to you by whacko nutjobs and approved by your slavemasters.

This was a small town Christmas parade. They created an additional theme to go on top of the Christmas theme. They named it ... 'A Red,White, and Blue Christmas'. Yes, that is Santa riding a missile. They even had all the kids decked out in patriotic matching t-shirts and tiny USA flags for people to wave.


Worlds First Seed Bank to be Destroyed


Dear Friend,

I just sent in my comments to the Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin asking that they halt the destruction of the world's first seed bank. Widely considered the crown jewel “of agricultural biodiversity”, 90% of the varieties found in the Pavlovsk Station's collection are not found anywhere else. In an age of climate change and dwindling resources, it is vital for our survival that we maintain this priceless biological collection. The world needs to know that biodiversity and the future of the planet are more important than new "housing developments". Please act today - it only takes a moment.




Where do they go?

T Shirt Travels: The Story of Second Hand Clothes and Third World Debt

I would not have imagined this on my own. Truth is stranger sometimes and I'm suspect now of giving my things to the big 2nd hand networks. Most of my clothes; however, I recycle into other clothes anyway. The few things I take to any recycler I usually take them either to the hospice store or the one for the women's shelter. Big fan of the yard sale as well.


KXAN: Texas Cannabis Crusade 2010

If every person the march passed who might have smoked a joint that morning who stood and agreed but didn't join us, maybe they should. I know plenty of people who agree that the Cannabis issue is long overdue to be cleared. Cannabis should be legal in all of it's capacities completely once and for all. The facts are in, the world is advanced now, let's move on and eradicate the blemish of such stupidity from our present and put it where it belongs, the history books. There are plenty who agree.

Let's hope that soon we'll be having a Cannabis Celebration Parade instead of a 'March'. That would be a fine holiday indeed.


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The New Year and movies about giant blue aliens


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