Foggy morning.

Although many of the brainstormed ideas did not come to fruition these flowers have been great.


The small things mean everything. Following the storms out here in East Texas the garden(s) came back to life. One of the highlights, of course, was these nectarines. Nectarines and peaches are very similar except that nectarines lack as much fuzz and have a slight sweeter flavor. I'm going to attempt a decent nectarine and plum pie. Cobbler had been the idea but I'm planning on taking it with to share on a weekend campout. Cobbler is best, imo, with ice cream and still a bit hot from the oven. The cobbler I've made in the past which I did keep for a day or so in a simple cooler, I regretted. Perhaps pie will turn out a little better. I'm still waiting on enough strawberries for a strawberry/rhubarb pie which is a pie I love.