Deep In the Heart of Trances

Your musical pioneers for this experience...

Psychedelic Trance:

Psykovsky *Live* (Tantrumm Rec/Osom Music – Russia)

CinderVOMIT *Live* (Quantum Frog Rec/Akashik Rec /AnomalisticRec /AtlPsy – Georgia)

Pyite (AtlPsy/Anomalistic Rec – Georgia)

Vaxination (Esoteric Generation – Arkansas)

Aktif *Live* Swamp Trance Set.. (Chilluminati – Wisconsin)

Klapton (Atrium Obscurum – Texas)

Herbert Quain (Absolut Shit – Texas)

nivleM (Texas)

Vampyromorpha (Shiva Shakti – Texas)

Smitten Space Kitten (Psylicious – Texas)

Inka Galactik (Dangerous Music Theory – Texas)

Aeon (Astral Tribe/ESP/Atrium Obscurum) – Texas)

Dreamwalker (EarthSound Tribe – Texas)

Opie (Morningside Tribe/UFO – Texas)

J-5 (Atrium Obscurum – Texas)

VuDuJuJu (Texas)

Uhm (Atrium Obscurum/Anomalistic Rec – Texas)

Psychill/Dub, Techno, IDM/Experimental:

Eckoe (Ultimae Rec/Ultraviolet Carnival – California)

Luuli (Oregon)

DUBtilDAWN (ESP/Atrium Obscurum - Texas)

Apophenia (Atrium Obscurum – Texas)

SoundShaman (EarthSound Tribe – Texas)

Singularity³ (Atrium Obscurum – Texas)

Machine (UFO – Texas)

Visuals & Deco:

eNDo(Stimulate Production – Arizona)
Atrium Obscurum & Friends

... and here's a nice write up on getting prepared:

How to enjoy your first psychedelic trance festival in Texas!


Marc Emery being held as political prisoner of the U.S.

Marc Emery is being held as a political prisoner of the U.S. in an attempt to silence one of the major critics of it's failed drug war policies. Presently the U.S. is in a stage of upheaval over state and federal drug laws regarding the products of the Cannabis plant and the plant itself. The United States policy towards Cannabis has been skewed since it's inception. With advances in technology a broader range of the public has been exposed to the truths behind the failed 'Drug War' in the U.S. Marc Emery was using legitimate means to help support the furthering of this knowledge when he was tricked by the U.S. government and subsequently handed over by Canadian authorities. He is presently serving time in a U.S. correctional facility and has been denied return transfer to his home country of Canada. This is most likely due to the fact that Canada has lesser priority on Cannabis as a crime and Marc may have been able to obtain an early release within his home country. The U.S. is making a statement of power in global politics by the detainment of Marc Emery.

The U.S. government of bureaucracy and corporations is also presently trying to obtain rights towards extractions from the Cannabis plant as well. Many believe that the only reason for continued criminalization of the Cannabis plant and it's derivatives is to secure a monopoly on the commodities on behalf of certain parties. Cannabis is easily grown by the individual and many of it's extracts and commodities can be easily obtained in the raw. Marc Emery was a seed salesman of the Cannabis plant. Providing the raw seed for individuals to cultivate themselves served as a threat to the U.S. government of bureaucracy and corporation. Presently the U.S. is also moving towards changes in federal policies towards other natural and easily grown plants and crops. The changes would also hinder the attempts of the individual to provide for self.


*Photo obtained from: http://www.themarijuanaeffect.com/potplantpics.html
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*photos taken in my yard and garden