Green Report 051515

A long stretch of days of cloud cover and rain. The growth  spurt for the few hours the sun light was visible was  phenomonal . Myceleum is abundant and fruiting bodies on  cultured forest beds is a good sign. Many more flowering  plants have shown themselves but so has the grass. The good  sign is it's the clump grass and not that damned sod/bermuda  left over still from the 50's. I am finding less and less of  that.
The immediately important preparations will be for the pears  and the dewberries. The winemaker is interested in  experimenting with both. Harvest will be soon for the raw  fruits and processed food like jams and pies.

 Top field: Buckeye flowers turning. Nuts soon.
Layer Thing: All but the old sweet corn has taken well.  Replaced old sweet corn with p/c corn transplants for now.  Will have to chop/drop and re-mulch between veg/flowers. 
Willy Nilly Sand Bed: one corn sprout, soybean spread well,  two pumpkin, echinacea finally showing. Snake activity. 
Shack deluxe: Strung one bean plant and one pumpkin plant.  cleared excess radish. All experiencing wonderful growth  spurt. Honey locust has spread it's limbs and the shack has  great natural cover already. Note to craft more solar  lights.
Tipi/Dead Dog Stump: Tatume doing well. Morning Glory spaced  well so far. Beans are at about 30%. Lichen increase on  stones. 
Lower Field: No new projects yet. Path visible. Honey  locusts and Dewberries spreading into niches. Churning good.
Drive bed 01:
Hectic: Corn, beans, and pumpkin showing well. Sumac going  crazy. Pruned all stumps. Mowed out topper and dog bush.  Will observe for regrowth.
Pods: Lettuce still stumped. Sunflowers showing. Radishes  waning.
Tree Tiki: Pruned lower limbs. Pulled clump grass and put in  bamboo guides around Morning Glories. Canine maintains  interest in northern part of stump. No visible but olfactory  sense of myceleum is strong. 
Lonely Bean: Still lonely and growing slow.
Drivebeds 2/3: Slow dewberries. Sunflowers taking time. Need to prune trees.
Back: Passing glances. Wysteria is gone complete. No in depth exploration yet other than chasing canine. Canine has made friends with small neighborhood canines.


Canceled Identity: You are now absorbed.

It's amazing how moving leaves around, worms, discarded human pulp products, vegetable remains, poop, peed on it, spilled beer, a couple of roaches, pocketfuls of seeds, some wood chunks with white stuff on them, electric company clearing crew remains, and a dog that keeps wanting to dig it all up too. He's helping until he gets thunderfaced.


Yeah, this song has been playing in my head for a few weeks now and it won't fucking go away. Thanks yall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udmTfK6_aM8