17 years. A phone call to a lifelong friend and I am stunned at the similarities of our paths. I last saw him almost two decades ago yet we seemed to have arrived at similar destinations through much the same trials. Is this how it is to begin? The remarkable individuals re-appearing? Perhaps. I now wonder if they should all meet each other somehow.


Hammerhead will.

Yes. Yes. yes. There is something very satisfying about smashing a piece of hardware, even if it's just a cheap little plastic thing. Last night after a few good brews I attempted to use my cheap 20 dollar digital cam to take some pictures. It wouldn't work right so I promptly stomped up and down on it, then took the remaining pieces and threw them at the wall, then took it outside and ceremoniously burnt everything to a crisp. All the while the pow wow stream was cranked and I was just feeling groovy. Anyone witnessing would probably say "that, that is a crazy man". Indeed. My only regret is I don't have any pictures of it and it'll be a few weeks before I can go get a good cam to take more weird pictures.


Scraping for Change

I've got it. I know what to do. Gather several hardcore stoners together and get them to apply the same energy they would put into scrapin' that bowl to our national problems. We'd be set in no time flat.

Ten Times The Sun
Ten times the sun for the price of a day. Long ride today on a long flat road without trees or nooks or tuckaways. Strip miners made it like a butterknife across a lump of playdough. They look at you weird, everyone looks at you weird because you're an alien on the landscape. The same sideways, awkward glance like a snapshot. No one should be here. This is reserved for nothingness and buzzards. You could sing, you could yell at the top of your lungs, and no-one would hear it. They only zip through behind glass and the soft hum of blowing freon. Even the field of cows stops to look at you, they all stop and look up. What is that? Why is it here? There's the rotting carcas of a coyote with a permanent snarl plastered against the asphalt, the buzzards are watching, will you eat it? Somewhere the gates of Sunday duties let loose and they start filing past to hit the liquor store, zip, zip, zip. One after the other, glancing quickly and away. Just as quickly they go back by again and quiet returns. Gears turning, it's hot but it feels damn good to be alive.


...they're here

Artwork by Adriane Bourne



Based on what I've seen, I am listed under a qdhealth's listings. I find it odd but never the less, I am there. So, in an effort to conform at least a part of this blog to health issues I will be working on a series of natural remedies that will be posted from time to time. I am a practicing Reiki Master as well as a student of shamanism( the ecstatic experience) and herbalism. To boot I'm pursuing an 'official' degree in the healthcare field. Also, I practiced as a battle medic (corpsman) for several years. I don't prattle about it alot.

More and more we are drifting away from the solid shore of our humanity and the inherrant knowledge that we were born with. It is no secret that children are closer to the earth than most adults. In the country that I live in, childhood is viewed (by the majority) as a time of ignorrance about 'real life'. Children are forced through schooling, parental roles, and the volumes of information presented to them everyday to negate their natural bond for one that is manufactured. Broad imagination is discouraged, consumption is the rule. In my humble opinion this is downright evil. How dare we intercede and destroy something so beutiful? As a student pursuing a degree in the official 'healthcare' of this country I am often confronted with individuals who are merely seeking a large bank account and I am often greeted with blank stares or flippant remarks if I try to engage the subject with my peers. Doesn't matter. I firmly believe that in the years to come we,humanity as a whole, will be seeking new answers from the old sources and begin the road back to our roots. I spoke with a Lakota medicine man who told me of their prophecy about the 'ghosts' arriving seeking answers. This has been happenning for a few years now. The reservation at Pine Ridge has had many visitors all seeking answers in the old ways. Who are these people? Most of them are average americans who had completely lost touch with that vital link and snapped because of it. Some of them couldn't tell you why they abandoned everything and travelled to an impoverished reservation in the middle of nowhere to sit with old native americans. One day they woke up and experienced a strong desire to just 'quit'. I find that fascinating and remarkably unsurprising. I believe that this will continue to happen. Though mob mentality rules the majority at this point, sooner or later the veil will fall, and the true 'reality' will hit like a large rock from the sky. There is a breaking point. Because of my own personal connection I have often sought out 'alternative medicine' at every opportunity presented. I have bias and prejudice against drug reps and slicks with pamphlets. I don't think someones life should be ruined financially because they got hit by a car, broke a leg, or even had a baby. Any intelligent, thoughtful, caring individual can see that the current state of healthcare in the US is deplorable as far as what one has to pay, the great volumes of misinformation to encourage the use of certain pharmaceuticals, and the lack of priority healthcare for those without insurance. More and more, schooling includes learning about insurance schemes and billing practices. More and more healthcare practicioners are encouraged and even required to tote the corporate line in order to keep their job. I was even told point blank by a 'teacher' that all discussions about billing codes and future trends in healthcare pricing are to be kept mum. Nobody talks about this outside of the classroom. Without detailing the info I'll simply say, they plan on making alot more money as well as narrowing the body of patients. Since when did that have anything to do with healing? It doesn't. It has everything to do with greed and power. We are coming up on a catalyst very soon. Regardless of who gets elected in November, I believe things are going to start snapping here and there. I can't predict the future and I'm a horrible political analyst, but, in my own laymans terms.. the fecal matter may likely be hurled through the high speed rotary wind propulsion device. Although I do plan on voting for one individual over the other, I'm not confident that it will make that much of a difference who's wearing the clown suit. They're not really in charge. Any clown can honk your nose but in the end it's the ringmaster that decides when the shows over. With all of this theory also comes some practice. Without naming names or locations I will say that I know for a fact that there are others out there who have a call to healing and are preparing through, schooling, farming, and stockpiling. I have witnessed in person a catalyst change of someone who one day decided to start growing herbs. Prior she was a crack head. One day she had an ephiphany and started an herb farm. Today I believe she could probably grow anything anywhere, no more synthetic connection, the cracks gone and so is the old shell. Fascinating but unsurprising.

Now, without further adieu, the first blip in the natural remedies series.

Burnt Toast
Burnt toast can serve as an antacid because it contains a great deal of carbon and acts as a basic by bonding with the molecules of the acidic substance and producing a neutralizing efect. An old man in the woods told me this once and it worked. Out of curiosity I recently performed a test in the biolab on this.

Dissolving a teaspoonfull of the scraped, burnt portion into a 25ml of distilled water, adding 6 drops of Bromothymol blue, I came up with approximately 5 drops of 1.0% HCL before the solution indicated a change to an acidic ph (yellow). In comparison, two brand names fell below this mark. Rolaids only took one, and a generic brand of effervescent tablet from Wal-Mart only took 2. How strange. I now know that If I don't have any Tums around (passed with 73 drops!) that I really can just burn a couple of pieces of toast to have a readily available antacid. I have also heard that one can also scrape from the remains of a campfire to achieve the same results but I've never tried it. There are other, more detailed tests, that can be run but this was satisfactory enough for my purpouses.

In order to achieve the true affect one needs to burn the toast to a crisp. The blacker the better. Enjoy.

In reference to the Lakota.. please do not refer to any Lakota as Lakota sioux. They are not 'swine' and never claimed to be. A body of very ugly and oppressive individuals gave them that monikor in an attempt to denigrate them. Simply Lakota is the way to identify anyone from that tribe.