I believe the bicycle just might come in handy sometime in the near future. It beats walking and it beats all of the restrictions that come with having to feed a moving box. Not to mention all of the physical boundaries that extend beyond the box itself. The choice of path opens up, stop and go are redefined, storage is minimal, the mechanics are much simpler, and the fuel source just can't be beat for reliability and supply. The bicycle was a great invention, I like it.

On another note. I have a self prescribed diagnosis of TVADD. Television Attention Defecit Disorder. After too long before that thing I find it hard to remain quiet and cooperate. I begin to attempt interaction with it. This can lead to all sorts of dismay from anyone else sitting in front of it. Because, in general, the stupider it gets the more fun I have jeering at it until ultimately the word bullshit is thrown out there and I walk off in disghust, or the others there get upset and I say bullshit and walk off. Three lard butt sisters seeking the golden egg at the end of a surgeons scalpel. There is nothing really inherantly entertaining about that at all. It's bloody gross for gods sake. Why do so many people watch that crap? There are scores of reasons for why and they all lead to ...... bullshit. Ah, I know, brutal, how could I be so insensitive to the plight of such folk. Obviously they are in need of help and their life is replete with social disadvantages. They speak of depression, loneliness, self-image gone bent, and a whole host of little monsters that I should be empathetic towards. Did it happen in a car accident? Were they the victims of some horrible fire or other catastrophe? Is it of a genetic origin, something they were born with? No. They got there through their own actions. They arrived at that miserable place because of what they did. Is it fair to blame them entirely? No, I wouldn't say that. I'd say that there is a source to their problems that will never be adressed on that tv show. If they were shown that source, educated, and truly assisted in changing their life it might make a difference. Let's see them a couple of months down the line after their psyche has been sliced, diced, and fed as junk food to millions. I am picturing drunken babbling human wreckage. So, in a very human way I do feel for them and hope that they get some real help. Then the thing was flipped to a 'news' channel...... bullsh...

..... many moons ago...... I moved into a new apartment. Generally speaking I've foregone the luggage of furniture in my life. It's been there and it has gone elsewhere without me. The only items in the apartment were two broken televisions that the previous occupants had left there. I had no chairs, couches, tables, ottomans, lazy susans, daybeds, wall units, shelves, beanbags, footstools, lamps, or even a rug. Second hand stores come in handy and I was planning on visiting one. Well.... the people come over that very same night to 'see how I'm doing in my new place'. Shocked at the bare essence of it.. they begin to offer me something I really need. More televisions. Before I ever had one chair I had three more televisions, five total. As gifts to me. I suppose they were providing them as a service to ease me of such a horrible situation. The end result was that I used them to create a chair and a coffeetable and sat down to read a book. Later some of them came over to watch the television they gave me. I simply pointed at the end of my coffee table and pointed to the electrical outlet. I even had some other chairs by then so they could watch it. All in all I ended up with the original two broken tvs that came with the place. I placed them outside on the sidewalk when I moved out and put a sign...$5 / Lot. People have a suspicion of 'free'... add$ and they will steal it.

on another note..... I am not a political blogger type person. There are those who are far more adept at gathering, inspecting, and disseminating the information than I am.... but I find all the hub bub about the conventions very odd indeed. The RNC The DNC I have a tendency to get a bit disruptive when that stuff comes on the tv because it seems so transparent. These are strange times indeed.



Edit MEOS. This is the sound my cat made as I was uploading this picture last night, I couldn't think of a title. Other than the 'microsomal-ethanol-oxidizing system', a bypass pathway generally used by the liver to metabolize drugs, I wasn't aware of all the other acronyms floating around out there. Out of curiosity I googled MEOS and tada! what a crazy thing. There's lots of MEOS and very little about the liver. So, the MEOS came from a cat, who has nothing to do with the picture, which has nothing to do with liver. Although, I'm sure my cat likes liver but she doesn't have an alcohol problem. That's good. I'm off

Not science, nor music, nor any other art encompasses the full measure of life's refusal to succumb. The pattern is as deep as the blind growth of cells, as high as the loftiest intillect, and broader than we can see as yet.
Fred Saberhagen............The Berserker Attack


I'm in trouble

Uh oh. I'm in trouble. Seems someone saw the picture I made (refer two posts down to the big gun) and got the idea that I would like to shoot people who I deem 'don't belong'. Just to clarify, I don't want to shoot anyone,I don't even own a gun. It is a sort of satire, ugly irony, on the collective mentality of ignorrance...and they have guns. I was inspired by a story my brother related to me about a guy he works with who proudly stated that he would be voting for dubya because Gore wants to take away his guns. When the guy was queried on where he got this information it turned out that his Dad told him all about how Gore was going to take away the guns if he got into office in November.I found this both humorous and quite disturbing at the same time. In theory, exponentially, that means there are more like him. That's rather creepy if you really sit down and think about it.


Stanislaw Lem/Cowpokes on the Wall

Original wallpaper from the 1950's found in a house being reconstructed. It made me think of the following for some reason. I do not know why.

"We do not know whether it is because the "culture" of the personoids is too unlike the human or whether the experiment has been of too short duration, but, in the population studied, no faith of a form completely dogmatized has ever crystallized--a faith that would correspond to Buddhism, say, or to Christianity. On the other hand, one notes, as early as the eighth generation, the appearance of the notion of a Creator, envisioned personally and monotheistically. The experiment consists in alternately raising the rate of computer transformations to the maximum and slowing it down (once a year, more or less) to make direct monitoring possible. These changes in rate are, as Dobb explains, totally imperceptible to the inhabitants of the computer universum, just as similar transformations would be imperceptible to us, because when at a single blow the whole of existence undergoes a change (here, in the dimension of time), those immersed in it cannot be aware of the change, because they have no fixed point, or frame of reference, by which to determine that it is taking place."

excerpt from 'Non Serviam' by Stanislaw Lem


I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like.

I create these images for my own amusement. Be you end up here by accident and want to take them with you when you go, by all means copy and redistribute as much as you want. Wouldn't mind if my name is attached to it somehow. thanks.


Idle hands

Complacency is the Devils horse. Rest is different from sloth. Obsession is a flood of interest. The hills don't have eyes, it's the people that live there who are looking at you.


Cars and Cows

Listening to Cru-T Timez Change, made a picture.