Edit MEOS. This is the sound my cat made as I was uploading this picture last night, I couldn't think of a title. Other than the 'microsomal-ethanol-oxidizing system', a bypass pathway generally used by the liver to metabolize drugs, I wasn't aware of all the other acronyms floating around out there. Out of curiosity I googled MEOS and tada! what a crazy thing. There's lots of MEOS and very little about the liver. So, the MEOS came from a cat, who has nothing to do with the picture, which has nothing to do with liver. Although, I'm sure my cat likes liver but she doesn't have an alcohol problem. That's good. I'm off

Not science, nor music, nor any other art encompasses the full measure of life's refusal to succumb. The pattern is as deep as the blind growth of cells, as high as the loftiest intillect, and broader than we can see as yet.
Fred Saberhagen............The Berserker Attack

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