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Benza has been producing Psy trance since 1997 with releases on Tribeadelic Records, Green Ant Records and Deomn Tea Recordings. He has played alongside such artists as Talamasca, Joti Sidhu, Ubar Tmar, Absolom, Nomad, Texas Faggots, Saafi Connection, Alien Project, Atomic Pulse and Mark Allen, recently returning from a massively successful tour of Japan.

This will be his first Texas Appearance.

Local Support ...

Initialization String (subtle distortion) , yonykidd (Doselocos Prod), Dyszfunktional (JeffMadison, WI) , mxmind (Afterlife, knon 89.3, monoerosrecords) Yes, joe will spin psytrance;,UHM (mistical Prod) , Klapton (mistical Prod), xiannaix (Doselocos Prod), Dave Patrick (Doselocos Prod).

Crave 2912 Elm. (corner of malcom x & Elm) in Deep ellum: doors @ 9pm : 5 bucks


Record Players

You could collect records for a lifetime for one record player, hell just imagine how many you have to get for two.


A Letter From Willie Nelson

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am fully in support of steps towards decriminalizing/legalizing Marijuana. It's time we ended this war against harmless people and a harmless plant. This is a step in the right direction and deserves great attention.

A Note From Willie Nelson

For over 30 years, I have been a supporter of NORML's efforts to end
marijuana prohibition. As someone who has enjoyed marijuana responsibly
for many years, I appreciate that NORML serves as the voice for marijuana
smokers like myself.

Today I am writing you on behalf of NORML with exciting news from my home
state of Texas. Recently, Rep. Harold Dutton (D - Houston) introduced a
bill in the Texas State Legislature to decriminalize the possession of
marijuana for personal use.

This bill recommends that minor marijuana offenders in Texas face a ticket
and a small fine in lieu of criminal arrest and prosecution. This is a
step in the right direction, but it will only receive serious
consideration if our elected officials hear an unmistakable message of
support from their constituents.

Please take two minutes to write your state legislators and tell them how
important it is that they support marijuana decriminalization. NORML has
created pre-written letters that you can send to your legislators by

I have already contacted my state representative and asked for their
support of this bill. Won't you do the same?

As a responsible marijuana smoker myself, I take pride in the fact that
NORML has always spoken for the interests of everyday marijuana smokers.
NORML is working hard in Texas and across the United States to protect
your right to smoke marijuana without fear of arrest or prosecution. Will
you join in me supporting these efforts by donating to NORML today? You
can make a donation, buy a NORML product, or become a NORML member at:

I appreciate your efforts to help NORML decriminalize marijuana in Texas.
Please be sure to contact your elected officials today, and tell 'em
Willie sent you!

Best Wishes,

Willie Nelson
NORML Advisory Board



Just got a copy of Hallucinogen live at the DNA lounge. Dig it, headphones don't do it justice, nor does the surround sound. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be on that floor. Hallucinogen was one of the original responsible for a different trek in my life. That crazy, spilling over with energy music that defied any real definition. The moment I heard it, I felt it and was bit by the bug.

Liquid Crystal Vision was a profoundly moving journey through the psyche and the state of our beautiful world. To quote from the flick, a scene at Stone Henge on the Solstice:

Helen de Mat

A complete restructuring of society based on a true secure brotherhood and sisterhood, cooperative Eden farming and culture! Happy tribal homes working and sharing to create heaven on earth with full help from our government!

To have their tear stained faces kissed with generosity, surrounding them with the grace of flower decked rainbows instead of hells droning bombers, butterflies to dazzle their learning eyes - this is not idealistic -this is common sense!

Really, is that so far fetched?



Thanks to Bush Black Out Referrers for throwing up a list. There are good folk in the world and I was happy to be a part of it. Posted here is the message that the 15 year old young man wrote which accompanied the blackout page of this blog. I post it as a matter of record and as a read into how, I believe, many of our teenagers are even feeling.

At noon, on January 20th, George W. Bush will be sworn in as President for his second term, and although few realize it, this will bring the downfall of Civil Liberties, Democracy, Equal Rights, and Freedom of Speech. On this grave day, we will mourn for the loss of these things which we as Americans have taken for granted, we will mourn for all of America, even those who do not share our thoughts, although they may not realize it, they lost too.

Mourning For America is not a "gang", nor will it participate in any "gang-related activities", we are merely a group of students expressing our deep sadness that the majority of the American people would choose to throw away the things that make our country so great. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used black for mourning, as do most Europeans and Americans today. Honoring this tradition, we will wear all black.

It was proven in the election of 2000 that George W. Bush cared little for Democracy, and in the 2004 election there were pieces of information concerning voting fraud everywhere, we do not want a President who will "cheat" in order to make it to the top.

We call upon each and every person to participate in a silent protest against the inauguration of George W. Bush. We are all just single nails, hammered into the pieces of wood that make up a now corrupt society, but if all the nails refuse to take part in society, how will it stand?

Trust that there are many kids who feel this way. They have to pay for the mistakes of weak individuals. They have to deal with what this world is becoming and are slammed with the task of doing something about it. I greatly respect and admire anyone in their teens who stands away from the consumerist little robots that the corporations are trying to create. I give them all supreme kudos for taking a stand. They rock.


Yeah, beeetches.

Revolution Calling.

(Geoff Tate/Michael Wilton)

For a price I'd do anything
Except pull the trigger
For that I need a pretty good cause
Then I heard of Dr. X
The man with the cure
Just watch the television
You'll see there's something going on

Got no love for politicians
Or that crazy scene in D.C.
It's just a power mad town
But the time is ripe for changes
There's a growing feeling
That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due

I used to trust the media
To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
But now I've seen the payoffs
Everywhere I look
Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?

Revelution calling
Revolution calling
Revolution calling you
Revolution calling
Revolution calling
Gotta make a change
Gota push, gotta push it on through

I'm tired of all this bullshit
They keep selling me on TV
About thte communist plan
And all the shady preachers
Begging for my cash
Swiss bank accounts while giving their
Secretaries the slam
They're all in Penthouse now
Or Playboy Magazine
Million dollar stories to tell
I guess Warhol wasn't wrong
Fame fifteen minutes long
Everyon'es using everybody, making the sale

I used to think
That only America's way, way was right
But now the holy dollar rules everybody's lives
Gotta make a million doesn't matter who dies

I used to trust the media
To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
But now I've seen the payoffs
Everywhere I look
Who do you trust when everyone's a crook

It is no secret now that we are in a police state. With yesterday's display there can be no doubt that America is under siege by the wealthy elite. It's time for every average citizen to stand up and raise some hell.
Just my .02



For the On the Go type...

Holy Mackeral Batman, that's one helluva vending machine!

A Staff of Thorns

Today I began a staff of thorns.