Just got a copy of Hallucinogen live at the DNA lounge. Dig it, headphones don't do it justice, nor does the surround sound. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be on that floor. Hallucinogen was one of the original responsible for a different trek in my life. That crazy, spilling over with energy music that defied any real definition. The moment I heard it, I felt it and was bit by the bug.

Liquid Crystal Vision was a profoundly moving journey through the psyche and the state of our beautiful world. To quote from the flick, a scene at Stone Henge on the Solstice:

Helen de Mat

A complete restructuring of society based on a true secure brotherhood and sisterhood, cooperative Eden farming and culture! Happy tribal homes working and sharing to create heaven on earth with full help from our government!

To have their tear stained faces kissed with generosity, surrounding them with the grace of flower decked rainbows instead of hells droning bombers, butterflies to dazzle their learning eyes - this is not idealistic -this is common sense!

Really, is that so far fetched?

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