Freeway Blogger

Just added Freeway Blogger. That's pretty neat. I'd like to put up nonsensical signs though. Ones that have no real statement to make just general stupidity. "One foot, two foot, three foot, duck","Where did that monkey go?", etc... just basic dumb stuff. If they are driving fast enough maybe it would hit subliminally and they would wonder why they are walking around staring at their feet ducking in doorways and hiding from the monkey. Who knows. If thousands are reading it then surely someone will figure it out. That's kind of like the whole thing with the billboards that read "We need to talk, GOD". I wanted to put some up on behalf of dastardly ol' Satan just for kicks. "Your Mother, SATAN". Y'know. Now, I'm not into that, it's just that it seems like fun. Maybe it's an innate ability to laugh at myself as well as others. I don't know. Buncha monkey's on a rock hurtling through space.



There is nothing here save the void, the void saves the nothing.


Ten second increments of reason bounded each side by 12 seconds of insanity. The move creates a swirl creates a void and I am left travelling for water.


Special Guest

Special guest appearance from a dude wearing a Dr. Dre shirt. So, did you get those two cd's?



deeeeeeeeeeeez nuuuuuuutzzzzzzzzz!


Radio Clicker

Recent Radio Trips and A Personal Psychodellik Vision of Breakfast. Sometimes things are just plain strange in the morning.


Good Psy

Psychedelik Many an evening have I sat about getting my head opened like a can opener by the radio stream these guys provide. As it stands, as with many a venture into the world wide web broadcasting, they could use a little help. If you dig the psy check out their Psychedelik Radio . If you got Winamp, you'll need to associate the .pls file. If you don't got Winamp you should go get it