In less than a week I'm going to see one of my all-time favorite bands, CLUTCH.

American Sleep

Mistress of ices
Stygian Skater
Scribing devices
Dancing on sabres
So very relentless
Counting the sheep
Electrical fences
Americans leap
Dream scarabaeus
In chorus refraining
So very relentless
Counting the sheep
Electrical fences
Americans leap
One, two, fisherman's stew
Boiled on timber and stirred with a broom
Three, four, pour it on the floor
Feed all the beasties and cook up some more
Five, six, mortar and brick
Weaker than iron but stronger than sticks
Seven, eight, lock up the gate
Nothing to do but to sit and to wait
Nine, ten, do it again
Bun in the oven, a wolf in the den
Companion chimera
Lethean grazer
Pausing to herald
Mistress of sabers
So very relentless
Counting the sheep
Electrical fences
Americans leap

I've been listening to these guys since

They blew my mind.

That was just on the cusp of the personalities and ideals commodities market takeover by the likes of the giants now slinging counter culture like candy from a parade. There are alot of bands that have dressed themselves in the guilty pleasures of corporate romance but CLUTCH has stayed the course and remains to this day a solid and soulful band of musicians of utmost talent. Plain and simple they


Corporate Watch at the G8

Corporatewatch UK has a blog about being at the G8


Another Observation

Fireworks have much greater effect at 4 in the morning than they do at 7 at night. There's just something special about setting off a 2000 roll of firecrackers to kick off the holiday just right. Eggs and Bacon anybody? Waffles? I'll wave a flag. Y'know, with my new cowboy hat and all I take things literally, like in the dawns early light. 'round here that means lets blow some shig up. .. and in honor of the holiday ... another regurgitation from my archives .....

That's just sumthin else huh? Well all I can say is if you don't like firecrackers on the 4th of july your'e just UN-AMERICAN! Downright unpatriotic, you are if you can't wake up to the sound of freedom and democracy, liberty even. Shock and awe right next door. HELL YEAH BUDDY.


A simple fool observation

When you run the rubber part of a window squeejie over clean glass it sounds like Chewbacca.