With the new job it's been hard to keep up with the land plans. It is ironic that I'm working for a landscaping contractor who practices the more industrial form of 'landscaping'. He's a good guy though and has a great deal of knowledge in modern irrigation. The hombres have accepted me, I think. I'm the only 'wedo' on the past two jobs who was allowed into the beer cooler at the end of the day. I believe all grunt workers of the world can relate on a certain level. Some of us 'wedos', I admit, are a bit on the delicate side. I respect where these men have come from. I'm also referred to by name now instead of the general insult.

Overall everything is overgrowing as predicted. The driveway has deteriorated immensely from the recent rains. ( Mental note to transport rocks there). Tire tracks at the entry indicate the youngun's have re-discovered a country park and hang spot. They stayed on the margin and didn't leave any garbage but I think I'll put the bamboo back up.

 I was young once and we lacked places to just get out and go hang under a starry sky. I understand but the possibility exists of wrecking some carefully thought out organic systems. Maybe I should just create a space but the observant and pessimistic side of me says no way. Are the younger folk (in general) responsible enough today to handle such a gift with respect? My gut says NOPE.  Then again maybe they do nothing but sit there and stare at their phones.

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