Spring Notes: Red Clover

Rained today, scarce sun. Stormed briefly around 3p with a good downpour, little wind, lightning in proximity.   

Birds are pleased with recent developments and perching the edge again. A noticeable increase in butterflies and dragonflies. Spotted a bat in the direct front yard / top field. Neighborhood canines and felines continue to visit. House Canine is using pathways now.

Red Clover everywhere. Bees have not re-established water meter hive. 

Driveway: Continues to be a problem and only re-emphasizes need to re-construct vehicle / main path. 

Top Field: Raked Mimosa head again. Steam pile out, left it be. Radishes around shack excelling beyond other areas. Contour differences becoming more prominent visually.

Drive bed 02: sm basket dewberry flowers.  

Pole bed: raked back front half, collected large bundle cleavers. Purple Irises budding out.

Pod beds: Canine now brings ball back to bush as base instead of Hackberry tree. Pulled /clump grass. One new corn shoot. med basket of redbud flowers. New turkey tails. 

Backyard border: Wysteria has at least doubled since last year. Contacted winemaker.

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