Rabies, got it

Rabies. I've heard of it, seen enough drama over the disease. Now I face the possibility of actually having aquired it. This is no joke. I have been bitten by a wild baby fox. Come Monday I suppose I will start a regimen of rabies shots. There is something awry with the whole picture. Let's begin with the fact that the county does not have an animal control officer who works on the weekend. The short story is that they told me I am responsible for keeping this animal alive until Monday when the Veterinarian will only charge me 50 bucks to kill it, cut it's head off, then ship it's brain to a lab to find out if it has rabies or not. There is another veterinarian who qouted me a price of 250 bucks if I wanted to find out today. WTF. So, I have a wild baby fox in a cage that I'm supposed to keep alive until Monday just so they can kill it. Rabies is fatal. Two doctors in the ER made sure that I knew this and that it is of utmost importance that I begin the regimen as soon as possible as well as find out if the fox has it or not. The total cost of a rabies regimen upwards of 1,000 bucks. WTF. The whole matter is fishy.
I was under the impression that there was funding in the govt. for this sort of thing. What if I say screw it and let the fox go? What then? How do they know if it has rabies or not? Isn't this a matter of record for the CDC? WTF. I have been saying that all day. The end result is that the baby fox is dying in the cage because it wasn't even weened yet. The mother showed up late this evening and she's out there crying. Supposedly I can be held lible now if I let this little fox go, for releasing an animal that was possibly infected. This has been a very surreal day. Ironicly, I was offered a job in the ER to top everything off. I don't believe I want to work in a county where these types of things go on. I'm sorry but , no.

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