High and Mighty

Recently a small group project in Texas Govt over the spending on MJ had to be cancelled. The four of us had decided to investigate the overall state spending on MJ prevention, break it down and then show how the money could be used to further education if it were to be legalized across the board. While it was a noble idea, we simply just don't have the time to complete the project in the time frame we've been given.

Cannabis has indeed existed for a few thousand years. It has been held as a sacrament and an invaluable natural resource. The propoganda against the plant here in the US is mind boggling yet I believe with underlying motives for sure. The question to ask might be to wonder why in the midst of an anti-drug furor, there are no references to alcohol. Why is the foremost contributor never mentioned in the propoganda campaigns. Here's the abridged version of my theory:

The makers of alcohol have deemed that it won't happen. That much is a given in a climate where politics and corporate interests are so easily meshed together. More importantly, alcohol is certainly physically addictive. The alcoholic suffers an insidious existance that can even lead to death if withdrawal is not treated properly. Much like the tobacco industry, the alcohol industry has a nation of consumers who simply can't just decide to not buy it because they are addicted to it. Further, alcohol is not easy to make on your own. It takes a great deal of effort and knowledge to set up a working still. Alcohol is a divider, not a uniter. The myth is that the drink is a way to reach comradery, that it helps you to relax and have fun. More in truth is it's ability to divide the psyche into two seperate behaviors. A split personality of sorts that prevents any growth from it's use. The first two reasons are obviously one of profit and greed mongering whatever the cost. The last serves as a societal control mechanism.

Now look at Cannabis. It is not physically addictive. If allowed, marijuana can be grown quite easily and there is a ton of resources for the amateur to become a homegrower. Based on the same market principles mentioned about alcohol, it would fail as a monopoly. There are simply too many choices for the MJ user. Marijuana is not a divider. Contrary to the vast array of myths that have been perpetuated about it's deadly effects, it actually works as an enhancer. Simple thought processes gain whole new levels of perspective and emotional content gains depth. More often than not, a group of people sharing the MJ experience become more intimate friends. Thus, it would fail as a control mechanism because it serves to enhance communication rather than break it. One of the greatest threats to a body trying to control society is honest communication between it's people.

As this is the simplified version I mention hemp only in passing. The importance of it's numerous uses is highlighted in vast bodies of information. The same principles of market control apply.

Now, I'm not advocating that everyone go out and get stoned this instance. I'm not saying that MJ is the solution to our problems because it's not. The idea that if we all just got high everything would miraculously fix itself is a grand myth as well. I advocate legalization of Cannabis because it's criminalization is a glaring defect in our so called 'land of the free'. I'd advocate it even if I didn't smoke.

moving along:

This is possibly the slickest t-shirt I think I've seen out there. It's rather stealthy. I ordered one from over at Fat American

I spent several attempts at writing a by line for the picture that I posted previously. Some of them included references to Jesus in jackboots, southbound end of a northbound donkey, brainwashing, orwellian doubletalk, etc... but I couldn't quite come up with anything that would fit nicely there. I do want to lay the disclaimer though that I don't despise all christians. I just think that the 'moral majority' is rather un-christian like. So, I sent the picture off to my brother and he gave me a description: "It's really funny yet really scary at the same time". Thanks Mel.

He's also coming down with his wife for Thanksgiving. My bro's a talented psytrance musician so I always look forward to hearing some kick ass tunes. Plus, we're having a vegetarian thanksgiving feast. I can't wait. Let the feasting begin!


Anonymous said...

I like that t-shirt design. Its not so out there and obnoxious that it seems youre just looking for trouble from everyone, but it definitly makes a statement.
BTW thanks a million for putting a link to my organization up on your site. (Solid State)

Anonymous said...

I've heard from history teachers that coffee was long outlawed in... the ottoman empire? I'm not exactly sure. But it was outlawed for the social behaivor it encouraged. Any force which controlls people will certainly enforce laws against anything that may unite the populous. They want people to be afraid of walking around cities, to suspect their neighbors. This is exactly what keeps people from uniting and becomeing strong enough to instate a just government. Why isn't it odd that tighly packed cities such as lower manhattan voted as much as 85% against bush? all bush's support was way out in sparsly populated areas where the main source of voter information was presidental flame wars on TV. If people really get together and share ideas than oppression will surely fall.

And the tax thing... Ive also agreed with this for a very long time. Weed is a... weed, which grows everywhere.

You have some very strong ideas, I like to read them.