Our Undivided Attention

The speed of the Earths rotation is approximately 25,000 miles per 24hrs. This is the simple answer and doesn't go into tangents and real details but it serves my simple mind (* and would only lead good folk much brighter than I to long explanations as to why I'm an idiot). Imagine we are all on a carousel. Each individuals exact perception will be different at any given moment. The horse rider will see one blur while the one on the jack ass will see differently yet we all know that once we get off we can stand around and look at the carousel for what it is. At that moment of recollection we relegate a commonality of experience and combine our various views into one nice round ball of aquiescence (*hey language is a living thing). Yes, the spinning was nice and slow and peaceful, yes the blurs of carnival lights were a trip, yes the wooden horse hurt posterior as it bounced up and down, but those horses are pretty and we all loved going in a circle of stimuli. It has a great homely feel to it because we've been taught that from day one. Now, what about the freak cave child who doesn't know what the hell that thing is? Maybe that child will just get on for the hell of it out of a sincere and deep focus towards adventure. They get off and state " that was dumb" They then proceed to tell this group of noble carnival adventurers that the entire idea is one of stupidity because real horses could take us much farther than in some silly circle. The group turns and decides this is an abnormality, thus below recognition. Not only do they ignore this poor cavechilds observation but decide to deride it publicly. They promote the idea that going in a circle on the merry go round is our only real option for any sort of excitement. Anyone in their right mind absolutely knows that is the height we can reach, point blank, nuff said, deal with it. The cavechild doesn't even recognize these blase' limitiations and continues to commit the faux pah doo doo on their ideals. He says " hey , here's a real horse, we just went a gallopping over the countryside and you won't believe what we saw", ok maybe he grunts but with deep communication and a true desire to appeal to their sense of escape. He's trying to simply share something wonderful. "Look, we don't have to go in a circle", that's all, but it's percieved as a grave threat. The group decides this must not be. No-one can surpass our experience here, and it becomes a hidden agenda, unbeknownst even to them. They commit themselves to the destruction of this myth of free roaming equestrians out of a sense of loyalty to to the common ideal, the sanctimony of group conscience (whatever that may be). They hunt him down and kill him and his stupid live horse. Though they feel a sort of sadness at the whole event they eventually convince each other it was in the best interests of the group. Now they can sleep at night knowing there's always the thrill of going in circles on wooden jackasses. welcome to my world.

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