Old School Goa

Recently a budro of mine posted up a mix of old school goa that listens and reads like a who's who of the beginning, the roots. It's inspiring and reminds me that I am now in a position to say "I was there when it all started". I was awed the first time he whipped out those crazy records with the mindblowing sounds and psychadellic covers. No words, just pure unadulterated spirit and a deep connection to something unexplored and ultimately completely universal. A journey beyond this world every sunset and an epiphany every sunrise. Early Goa guided me through many trials and I always found solace in it's beats and harmonies. It was through goa that I learned the secrets of the voice of the universe and humanities role in it. It was in those early days that I learned the true nature of the 'ecstatic experience'. Simply, only experience can describe that connection to the other dancers and the fluidity of movement that takes place as one body. It is a trance experienced and multiplied through the body movement. Goa taught me my first lessons in mind/body/spirit connection that actually meant anything and weren't just words upon a page. It was and is now real. Though the music has progressed and exponentially become more technical and advanced it is through the roots by which the tree grows. A big hug and thank you to Mel B for taking me back. He's like an old goa shaman standing there with a twinkle in his eyes inviting you in and saying "hey, wanna try something that's gonna blow your mind" and the next thing you know you're in another world. All the while he's smiling happily, sharing what he has found like a secret treasure, and your life has now taken on a new meaning. One cool brotha. So here's the link. You have to sign up to Global Beatz to get it. It's free.(which btw, tons of other great mixes and talent). PLAY IT LOUD.

Mix URL: http://music2.globalbeatz.net/dj_mixes/dawn_of_goa.mp3

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