A Quick Note

As a resolute matter ... the subjects of zoology, botany, horticulture, and chemistry have become penciled in for goals in the new year for this individual.

I take it as strong medicine that we are facing on a global scale, the indications of our own extinction. Deny it or not, this pattern reverberates on the consciousness of daily life en mass. 'Our people', this diaspora of culture, color, continent ... is in trouble. Taken to simplest form, WE,human being male and female, are up shit creek. That is the common knowledge underlying our actions. "Don't need a phd to sling the street philosophy". Some of the animals enjoy a better perch but as geology and history prove, perches collapse. Like ideas, and that's the positive side.

The negative is the negative and it's common sense. The uncommon arises from recognition of the obvious but the initiative to change it. Action is indeed virtue.

I will not go into how this is actually reproduced as a philosophy of survival on the microscope level. Most thoughts are produced after the fact of physical intervention between the host body and the soul inhabiting it. The rest is left up to religion or pondering under a coconut tree.

I do my part, you do yours. That's the science behind the madness.

We've done a pretty good job of breaking that down, actually. We are in fact, pretty f'n smart. Despite the maniacal ramblings, the tomes of absolute, the plan man, the restriction, constriction, and suffocation, of our collective and wonderful knowledge .... we've shown a terrible tenacity to the truth. Look it up.

So, this interest in a focus of sciences is beneficial to my overall life goal. It should behoove me to pursue specialties and concentrate my efforts towards obtainable, perches. Perches allow a vertical perspective. All cats can have perches and all cats are smart. If the perch drops, the scene doesn't change, just the situation. Still, a cat.

Life is a maze, a message is a matrix. Resolution number uno, learn more, reallllly, learn more.

The way outta the trap, is the spring.


lady macleod said...

As a new reader to your blog I shall look forward to your coming insights as you pursue new knowledge - always a good thing I think.

lady macleod said...

We are in the Universe, that is fact. How we affect the Universe is - choice.
Good post, nice blog, I'll be back.