Scratch beard, scratch head, spout wisdom

Someone asked me recently for some wisdom on gardening. Ok:

1)Humor and irony are two underlying supports of our existance in the universe. If taken way too seriously your life as a gardener will be hell. Remember you're only one part of the ecosystem and not the master. When hail comes, the bugs eat up all the leaves, the perfect set-up just up and dies, and etc. just smile. You're getting somewhere and it isn't permanent. It's exciting to learn more :D

2). Everything dies. The onset of winter can be a bummer. Growth brings joy to the gardener. When the old cold winds start blowing in prepare yourself to feel a bit sad. This is also a great time to have a solid look at what the terrain looks like, plan something new, and find odd little plants that dgaf about winter.

3) Patience. You need it. Soils have to build and plants have to grow.  In the short term it's just waiting on that runner bean to make a runner or that passion flower to bloom. In the long term it's watching your garden space mature over several seasons. The world we live within is very old. You will not learn everything you want to in the short time you are here. Take care of the moment. You're getting there. 

4) Yes, nature is aware of your presence. Those birds really are watching you. Those plants really are reacting to your daily fiddling. The entire living organism you are a part of knows you are there. As a gardener you are a living and breathing piece of the puzzle. Even if you're not quite sure how you fit, rest assured, the other parts do know. Pay attention.

5) Not everyone cares about gardening. Those absolutely magical things you've been seeing might not make good party conversation (unless it's a gardeners party because we know how to party). Right now you'd love it if everyone could just teleport to the garden, chill, and see what you see. Sprouts! Worms! Dirt! Blooms! ... crickets? You're in a special club and you know something special that can only be gained by being a gardener. Smile and refer to 1,2,3, and especially 4. Your presence is important and needed. Somewhere someone much like you feels much like you do in that moment.

6) When you meet know it alls remember they don't know it all. They just might know more than you though and perhaps a nugget of knowledge can be gained. The other living and breathing pieces of the puzzle actually do question their know it all state when no one is looking. They've learned something and so can you. As the picture gets bigger we sure are learning, aren't we?   

disclaimer: I have mostly been a roaming fool and have no certifiable authority on the subject yet. One day I will obtain some letters and stuff.

This piece has already been plagiarized once by someone on another platform. They inserted their name as (x) Advice on gardening and in the disclaimer instead of 'I' inserted their name again. Well I suppose it is the internet and if you feel you must outright steal words then you aren't very creative nor wise. Your garden is going to eat you alive.


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