After a debacle with my truck I've managed to sit through half of a permaculture pdc course. Originally I was to go the full two weeks and receive the certificate but the clutch on the Ranger went kaput on the way. It took almost a week for the parts to arrive to fix it.  The teacher was nice enough to let me just hang out for the 2nd half and I'll be going the full course in the spring. That's life. Now it's wintering over in Texas until the course then it's off to Vermont to partner with a good friend and mentor. We're going to build a bad ass small demonstration farm/learning center along with helping a kind hearted woman fix up her inn. For the time being I think I'll build the best dog in the universe a super deluxe papercrete house here. Unfortunately he has to stay in Texas but I'll visit him from time to time on return winter trips.

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