Corporate Avenger

Corporate Avenger's new album is due out in January of '05. Some lyrics from past endeavors. Native American Stream 8 , the Hip Hop/Rap stream has been getting alot of play around my house lately. I've always been a fan of some of the more obscure, underground rap that doesn't get much airplay. The reason they don't get airplay is one of marketability, popular rap is cornered into a small holding pen that consists of rapping about absolutely nothing with only the occasional exception to the rule. Gold, money , and ho's sells quite well to your average pimple faced suburban white kid. I find it ironic though that some of the fathers of the rap movement like Chuck D are also some of the more eloquently spoken individuals within the music industry. Perhaps it's because they broke the mold a long time ago and continue to look towards breaking the genre, now , back to it's roots in a movement by the people. Litefoot, Shadowyze , and the likes of Rollin' Fox carry a definite inner rythym and the ability to freeflow from a quick intillect. Real true rap and freeflow ryme is an art that takes a special skill. Sure, a dunce can stand up with a mic and spout about the generic subjects that have become rap in the big industry, but a true rapper has something to say, and it's poetry to hear it.

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