Here comes the krewe

What the hell is going on here?

Thank you for your concern and for drawing attention to the efforts of the Society of Citizens Against Racism (SCAR) to stop an 82-year tradition of demeaning American Indians in New Port Richey, Florida during the Chasco Fiesta, a 10-day event that attracts more than 100,000 spectators. After stopping a pageant whose happy ending is Indians choosing white children to be their king and queen and converting to Christianity, and activities in the Children's Indian Village that included Picking the Pocket of the Drunken Injun, SCAR has tried for 3 years to end the Krewe of Chasco and its float, a private club of 130 to 150 white civic and business leaders who dress up in authentic American Indian regalia, ride in nine regional parades on a float leased using taxpayers' dollars, while drinking free booze, playing loud rock 'n roll, and shaking their buckskinned assets--all to honor Indians, they say. On their website at www.kreweofchasco.org, they recently had a photo of a blonde woman wearing a Plains Indian headdress with the caption: Even SQUAWS can be braves in the Krewe of Chasco! When the former president of the Krewe addressed a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, the Tampa Tribune reported him saying, "I want you all to buy guns and kill AIM--I'll bury them for free." He owns a funeral home.

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