I find this amusing in a sense of antiquity. It is hard for me to believe that at one time someone would actually respond to such a flagrant debasement of a human being. Perhaps in a more present tense the ad would read a little differently: You can nail a penny with a 9mm from a hundred yards, you have a blackbelt, you don't give a rat's rump about frequent flyer miles as long as the company pays you instead of lays you off, you can smile and say f-you at the same time, you can deal with multitudes of overfed, over self -important, rude, and arrogant citizens and not die of a heart attack by the time you are 40, if this is you we might give you a job if you sleep with the boss.

Naturally, if something like this were to appear in todays media I would happily sit back with popcorn while the ladies drug the one responsible hither to tither over a bed of alchohol soaked nails.