One fine day.............

"ACHILLES: Gee! That is an amazing wraparound. They were completely unconscious of what they were participating in. Their acts could be seen as part of a pattern on a higher level, but of course they were completely unaware of that. Ah, what pity-a supreme irony, in fact-that they missed it.

CRAB: You are right, Mr. T-that was a lovely organ point.

ANTEATER: I had never heard one before, but that one was so conspicuous that no one could miss it. Very effective.

ACHILLES: What? Has the organ point already occurred? How can I not have noticed it, if it was so blatant?

TORTOISE: Perhaps you were so wrapped up in what you were saying that you were completely unaware of it. Ah, what a pity-a supreme irony,in fact-that you missed it.

CRAB: Tell me does Aunt Hillary live in an anthill?"

Douglas R. Hofstadter 'Prelude...Ant Fugue' from the book The Mind's I

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