Winter Fun

Winter. I only know this in relative terms to what's on the television. Today, a t-shirt, I have no hair, I am bald now. One week ago I took up the tradition again of shaving my head in the 'dead' of winter. Only, it's 65 degrees out, so it doesn't matter. People here wear big coats anyway and tell me to put a hat on. I am oblivious and unafraid of the southern winter. In Thailand they put on big coats when it's 85 out. Winter.
I seeded a sinister plan in the mind of a young man today. I proposed the idea of building a melted frosty the snowman decoration for his front yard. Seems simple enough, a couple of white trash bags, some holiday snow spray goop stuff, some sparklies, a carrot, two chunks of coal, a couple of sticks resembling limbs, and some superglue and epoxy spray. The terrible fate of Frosty in the South. He was delighted with this idea and promptly decided that when it was all finished he would present it to his mother; my ex-wife. I encourage a healthy exploration of boundaries with his mom.